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February 2, 2013
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(Contains: nudity)
"Come on hurry! Lets go!"
Kid screamed at himself as he tore through the air. His love was in danger and even though he didn't know why, something in his head- no, his heart told him to do every thing in his power to save you.
"Ok her soul went this way.."
He said and looked around, following the trail of your frightened soul through the sky. His eyes fell onto a kind of temple or something far bellow him, hidden in the trees, and covered with vines. It was made of white marble, tented with age. He narrowed his eyes and dashed down to it. As he inched closer he started to become suspicious.
"Hammy... This isn't right, shouldn't there be traps?"
He said and circled around the temple in mid air. There was a eerie silence and though his senses told him to wait and surveys for traps, his heart pulled him in and he burst through to the forest floor. The light from over head poured through tears in the canopy and flooded the ground in patches. As Kid landed, he spotted a huge pair of marble stairs that led to the entrance of the temple. The air vibrated and a scream split the air.
Kid could hear you scream from inside and his eyes widened. He ran as fast as he could to the stairs and scaled them with ease, his feet slipping on the slick stone.
"Kid this isn't right"
Patty said and he sighed.
"I know, but I can hear her!"
"But! But-"
He said and burst through the old wooden door that encased you within the main room of the temple. The room was huge with a giant pit in the middle. 4 bridges, evenly placed came to a point in the middle, hovering over the pit. And as Kid's eyes examined closely his heart skipped and his mouth hung a gape. And even a bit of blood collected in his nose
you said as he stood staring at you. Your face was red and you knew precisely why he was so shocked. The witch has strung you up from the ceiling by your wrists, making you hang a few feet from ware he bridges met. You could not move because of the spell that held you in place. All your clothes had ben ripped and torn from the dragon attack, showing your skin and underwear and you blushed even more as the skirt you were warring slid farther down your hips. Your hair hung in your face and tears formed in your eyes from not only fear but new found embarrassment. Kid was still in shock and you sighed, calling out his name
"Kid! Help me!"
You said desperately. Your voice snapped him out of it and even though his face bared a shy and aroused blush he rushed forward, trying to reach and help you
"___ are you OK! I-"
"not so fast little boy! She's mine!"
a cracked voice said and a beam of energy flashed out and knocked Kid back. It was the witch and she emerged from the shadows with her tall crocked hat tilted on her head. Her white hair was matted and as you took the time to look at her closely a weird feeling filled your head. It was like you knew her but you didn't and it made you want with her...but You shook it some what off and looked at Kid, shouting his name
he struggled to his feet and his yellow eyes glared at the witch with intense anger. He held out Patty but then trembled, knowing that the symmetry is off and he quickly rested her. You were puzzled and the fact that his OCD still got in his way at a time like this kind of hurt your feelings but you understood. It was Kid. And for that only reason you would accept the annoyance.
"___ hang on I will get you down!"
he shouted and you nodded. The witch cackled and walked up to you, grasping your cheeks within her dry old fingers
"I don't think so. I have plans for this little jewel, I will become the next grand witch with her as my wife!"
she said and kissed your cheek, making you gag and squirm. But that feeling from earlier returned and your muscles started to relax. Suddenly there was a huge explosion as Soul, Make and Liz rushed into the room. After a moment to take in the severances of the predicament, Liz ran over to kid and instantly transformed, taking her place with her sister. Now, it was time to dance.
now its time for the big fight! will you be saved? or fall to a witches hand? and what did she mean by jewl????
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